Life Simplified - Gorenje
We help make your everyday simpler, better and more rewarding. We strive to be the source of practical ideas that make chores a little easier. So that you have more time and energy to spend on the people and things you find most important. We believe every innovation, new tech and service we provide has to have a simplifying purpose. To make life’s biggest milestones or the smallest everyday moments smoother. Because life is not lived in years, weeks or days. Life is lived in moments.
We care about making your life more enjoyable. By understanding your needs and expectations, we strive to be the source of problem-solving solutions. 
We challenge ourselves daily to discover what more and sometimes what less we can do to make your life a little smoother.
We design not only home appliances, but a holistic user experience. By delivering simple, intuitive solutions that help you reduce complexity, save time and enhance daily enjoyment.

Welcome to life, less complicated and more pleasant.