Frozen correctly

Upright and chest freezers
Life on the fast lane and the wish for the best food at any time require much more from an upright or chest freezer than providing space with low temperatures. Gorenje can help out with this. Smart technology in Gorenje upright and chest freezers will make sure the microcrystals formed during the freezing process will not damage the cells in the food. As a result, it will retain its vitamins, minerals, and – most importantly – its flavour. Thus, strawberries picked in the summer will taste just as sweet in the winter, and the ready-made lunch will, although frozen, wait for when you need it in the best shape. The interior is thoughtfully designed to allow neat storage of larger amounts of food.
Perfect care Superiorly frozen food
Smart solutions Solutions that welcome and tackle the technological challenges
Simple to use Designed to be friendly to user

Recommended storage time for frozen food

Type of food Time
fruit, beef from 10 to 12 months
vegetables, veal, poultry from 8 to 10 months
venison from 6 to 8 months
pork from 6 to 8 months
chopped or ground meat 4 months
bread, pastry, cooked meals, lean fish 3 months
entrails 2 months
smoked sausage, fatty fish 1 months


Die NoFrost Technologie in Gefrierschränken sorgt für eine intensive Zirkulation der kalten Luft und verhindert somit die Eisbildung auf den Lebensmitteln.


Für die größten Lebensmittel im Gefrierschrank.
Das geräumigste Schubfach der Kühl-Gefrier-Kombination findet sich im Gefrierteil. Dort können Sie auch große Lebensmittel ganz leicht unterbringen. Einfach perfekt für die Weihnachtsgans, größere Fleischportionen, Pizza oder ganze Kuchen. Und wenn Sie noch mehr Platz benötigen, nehmen Sie die Schublade einfach heraus.

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